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Pyla Village

Taking photographs within the Buffer Zone is prohibited. This is because the local residents are sensitive to photogrphs taken; that was what the UN official told me when caught with my camera walking through the Pyla square. It depends on the route you take into Pyla whether you see the signs prohibiting the taking of photographs.

Pyla Village is the only village in Cyprus where Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots both live. Both sets of people are friendly towards visitors and reside together in Pyla but it is more a case that they tolerate one aonther rather than love each other. Hopefully, North and South can be reunited eventually.

Pyla Village is in the Buffer Zone where the United Nations patrol and ensure the peace is kept. The UN have headquarters in Pyla and some of the officials rent apartments in Pyla Village Resort. The Turkish lookout is prominent on the skyline with a larger-than-life cut-out of a Turkish soldier visble for all to see.

As you walk through the village you will see both Turkish and Greek notices and signs and their respective flags flying. The animostity that lies underneath between the two factions is evident when you see that the village has two infant schools and their respective flags flying over each school. Obviously, there is no will to get the next generations integrated. Whilst the northern occupation is still regarded as illegal and many Greek Cypriots have land and property in the north of the island. The animosity will continue, not forgetting, the loss of life that happened when the Turkish armies invaded in 1974. You can find videos posted on Youtube and there is one video below which explains the situation.

Pyla Village is a peaceful village and with the UN ensuring the peace is maintained, you can visit Pyla Village and stay at Pyla Village Resort in complete safety and without any worry of trouble breaking out. The border with the north side of the Island is only a mile or two up the road towards Pergamos and with the relaxed border controls in place now, Pyla is a convenient place to cross the border. Just ensure you have adequate car insurance before you do, especially when you have a hire car.


Here is an amateur video which is not a promotional video.

Pictures taken around Pyla Village

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