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Apartments for rent and for sale This website is set up for the promotion of Pyla Village Resort and apartments whose owners want to advertise here. View the apartments and then contact the owners to enquire about price if not advertised on the page. Apartments are for rent as holiday lets or can be rented nong-term as a place of residence. Apartments can be on special offer so be sure to visit the apartment's page to see bargains you might find.

With UCLan Cyprus only five minutes walk away, these apartments offer very good value for money suitable for both students and staff who would like to reside close to the university.

The apartments. There are a total of 159 apartments made up of various types; ranging from studio apartments to 2-bedroom penthouse suites. The ground floor apartments will have both a verandah and a garden. The penthouses offer a large roof terrace giving excellent panoramic views.

Extensive photographs of the apartments for rent and the resort are shown in order to ensure you have no worries of finding untold horrors when you arrive. When checking the apartment details you should find that air-conditioning is fitted as standard. The photographs will not always show the air-conditioning units. If after looking through all the photographs you have questions to be answered, then contact the owners direct for peace of mind.

Multiple apartment bookings. Should you need to accommodate a large group then use the 'Contact Us' page and let us know of your requirements. Many apartments are let through agents but we can deal with the owners directly and so book the apartments for you.

So, if you are looking for accommodation to stay at when in Cyprus, or you are looking to buy your own apartment, then we hope the information presented on this website will be of interest.

In case you are visiting Cyprus for the first time on holiday, we have provided some general information about Cyprus; use the navigation bar at the top and bottom of the page to go to another page for more information.

If you have any general questions about staying in Cyprus or you have any positive suggestions for improving this site, then please send your message via the 'Contact Us' page.

Booking enquiries. If you have made bookings for apartments in Pyla Village Resort through the travel companies and you want more information about the apartment which has been booked for you, you need to go back to the company dealing with your booking.This site is not connected with travel companies and so cannot answer enquiries about bookings made through agents. For the apartments shown on this site you will be dealing with the owners direct and so all your enquiries should be through the owner.

Pyla Village Resort was completed in March 2007 and has been built to modern-day standards. Compared to many resorts, new or old, Pyla Village Resort is spacious and a modern and a low-rise development. The resort comprises of eight blocks totalling 159 apartments.

Many apartment complexes have swimming pools, but not every resort like this one has its own tennis court for the sole use by the residents of this resort.

Pyla Village resort is in close proximity to the old village of Pyla where this resort get its name and in Larnaca District. You have the benefit of staying at a resort that is rural and offers peace and tranquility away from thehustle and bustle of built up areas.

It is a 6-minute drive by car, or a 50-minute walk to the nearest beach. The beach is amongst one of the best in Cyprus and has been duely awarded a blue-flag rating.

Pyla is approximately a 15 minute drive from Larnaca Airport. To help find your way to Pyla Village Resort, click on the following links: Instructions , Map

Reasons to come to Cyprus. Cyprus has a wonderful climate and on average has over 320 days of sunshine. The Cyprus winter compares favourably in temperature to Spring in the UK, so Cyprus is an all-year-round destination. Escape the cold damp British winter and come to Cyprus and stay in at one of Cyprus holiday apartments. The summers in Cyprus are hot (can be in the region of 42 degrees Celsius); even to the native Cypriots it can be hot. If you are planning to just relax by the pool or beach and take it easy, then the heat of summer in Cyprus will probably suit you. Cyprus is one of a few countries where in the morning you could be skiing on the snow (in the Troodos mountains) and in the afternoon be basking on the beach.

Cyprus has long ties with the British and in Southern Cyprus the British military bases are still here and the British influence is evident. Cars are right-hand drive so visitors from the UK will have no difficulty driving on the roads in Cyprus. Of course the language helps; english is widely spoken or understood, so unless you speak a totally alien language, you should have next to no problem communicating.



Larnaca, Pyla overview

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Pyla expanded view
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