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What better location could there be for a horse riding holiday than the glorious island of Cyprus. Situated in the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is officially in Europe but is influenced by the various cultures of EuropeAsia and Africa. It has a great reputation as a destination for sunshine and beach holidays.

In Greek mythology, Cyprus was formed when Aphrodite, goddess of love, stepped out of the sea. Whichever way you choose to look at it, the island is glorious. It has 403 miles of coast with the Troodos Mountains rising up in the middle. Mount Olympus is the highest point on the island. The unspoilt interior is largely undiscovered and Cypriot village life continues as it has done for centuries, undisturbed by modern life. Horse riding is an ideal way to explore this beautiful Island. There is also lots to see and do in the area, and beaches are only a short drive away.

The climate in Cyprus is most pleasant in spring and autumn. The summer months of July and August are extremenly hot. In winter the mountains can even receive a smattering of snow whilst it is still possible on those days to sunbathe on the beaches.

Cyprus is situated in a strategically important location in the Mediterranean and has undergone many invasions throughout history. It became a British colony in 1914 and finally achieved independence in 1960. Since then appoximately 84% of the population is Greek with the remaining 12% being Turkish. 

The Cypriots love their mezze - a banquet of many local dishes such as hallioumi, kleftiko, dolmades etc. You must try a mezze meal at least once during your time here. 

Our centre based ride here in Cyprus, Drapia Farm, can be taken thoughout the year. In the hot summer months there is lots of time for lazing on the beach and enjoying the sunshine. This makes it ideal for family
groups with a combination of riders and non riders. In the winter experienced riders can enjoy the WINTER SPECIAL which has a higher riding content and 2 full day rides are incorporated into the week. Beginners
and novice riders are welcome as tuition is always available.

Below we have listed the ride categories that you find on at least one horse riding holiday in South America or Central America:
   mountain riding holidays
   centre based riding holidays
   horse riding holidays suitable for families
   horse back holidays suitable for beginners
   horse holidays that have facilities for non-riders
   horse riding holidays with tuition - e.g. polo
   horse riding holidays over Christmas & New Year
   winter sun riding holidays

Below is a list of European countries and regions where we have rides. Just click on a link to view your chosen European destination:   

horse riding holidays in Europe
    horse riding holidays Spain
        horse riding holidays Mallorca
        horseriding holidays Catalonia
        horse riding holidays Andalucia
    horse riding holidays France
        horse riding holidays Bordeaux
       horse riding holidays Dordogne
       horseriding holidays Loire 
    horse riding holidays Portugal
        horseriding holidays Algarve
    horse riding holidays Greece
        horse riding holidays Crete
        horse riding holiday Kephalonia
    equine holidays Cyprus
    horse riding holidays UK
        horse riding vacations Great Britian
        short riding breaks England
        horseriding holidays Wales
    horse riding holidays Iceland
    horse riding holidays Turkey
    horse riding holidays Sweden
    horse riding holidays Lapland
    equestrian holidays in Germany
    horse riding holidays Ireland
        horse riding holidays County Wicklow
        horse riding holidays County Kerry
        horse riding holidays County Donegal 
        horse riding holidays County Clare
        horse riding holidays County Monaghan
        horse riding holidays County Sligo 
    horse riding holidays Italy
        horseback holidays Tuscany
        horseriding holidays Umbria

horse riding holidays Eastern Europe
   horseriding holiday Russia
   horse riding holiday Bulgaria
   equestrian holidays in the Balkans
   riding holidays around the Black Sea 
   equestrian holidays in the Czech Republic
   horse riding holidays Estonia
   equine adventures in Hungary
   horseback vacation Poland
   horse riding vacations Romania

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